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Wood Paneling & Wainscoting

Wood Paneling &Amp; Wainscoting

One way to instantly add visual interest inside your home or business is to install wood paneling and wainscoting by the carpenters at Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas. We can create an artistic statement in the room of your choice with architectural millwork. There are also casual options available with many materials and designs to choose from.

Types of Wainscoting & Wood Paneling Design

Wainscoting refers to decorative wood sheets applied with finish carpentry to the lower half or three-quarters of interior walls. This decorative touch started as a way to protect walls from scuffs and dings from chairs and boots in the 1300s. Now wainscoting is valued for style over function, yet it also serves the purpose of adding extra insulation to a room and preventing noise pollution.

Interior trim installed by our experienced woodworkers can add value, interest and a finished look to your home or business. There are the many types of wainscoting and wood paneling to choose from.

  • Raised Panel
  • Flat-Panel
  • Shiplap
  • Beadboard
  • Board & Batten
  • Tongue & Groove

A Design For Every Style

The details of your property’s interior design should match your style – such as whether you prefer ornate woodworking or modern, sleek lines. Many customers choose formal designs in dining and living rooms. Paneling can also add elegance along stairways and in offices.

  • Raised panels look aristocratic and are popular in colonial-style homes.
  • Flat panels are often used in commercial spaces for a clean, polished aesthetic.
  • Shiplap is used often used in popular modern farmhouse designs. It is inexpensive, and can be used anywhere to add a natural look to a home or office space.
  • Beadboard can make a striking statement in bathrooms or in a bedroom, and it can be used on ceilings, cabinets, and kitchen islands.
  • Board and batten design gives extra dimension and texture to a wall or ceiling and gives a sophisticated look to a room.
  • Tongue and groove is similar to shiplap except the panels don’t overlap.


Choose wood paneling if you want an entire wall transformed from floor to ceiling, or even on the ceiling. Paneling can add drama to a room, and it also adds sturdiness and protection.

  • Paneling includes using unique wood such as mahogany, teak, and zebrawood, as well as traditional wood veneers.
  • Paneling can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Paneling can use diagonal or herringbone patterns.
  • Paneling with spaces in between them is currently very popular.
  • Paneling using reclaimed wood is another popular choice for an accent wall in a home or business.

Wainscoting is desirable if you want to break up a wall, and it usually includes some kind of molding at the top to distinguish it from the wall.

  • Wainscoting is popular wherever people gather.
  • Wainscoting gives a classic look when paired with crown molding.
  • Wainscoting shouldn’t be used with a baseboard because most designs have a base trim.
  • Wainscoting is an excellent way for customers to add their personal style to their home or business.


Call Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas today for an appointment or consultation. Our expert carpenters can accent your home or business with custom woodwork and millwork including wainscoting or wood paneling.

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