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Las Vegas Pacific Custom Millwork brings beauty and originality to all kinds of interiors, including courthouses and government buildings. From courthouses to city halls to fire stations, our features and fixtures will add uniqueness and luxury to any interior space.

What Is Millwork?

To put it simply, millwork is wooden material made in a mill and includes all the custom-made wood elements and details that you see in the interior of a building. Whether you are remodeling an existing building or constructing an entirely new space, you will find that finished carpentry items add style and practicality.

Examples Of Millwork

Why Is Millwork Important?

  • Millwork Is Functional & Protective
  • Millwork Is Beautiful & Unique
  • Millwork Supports Local Craftsmen
  • Millwork Adds Personality & Character

Functional And Protective Millwork

In addition to the obvious practical elements such as doors and shelves, custom finish carpentry includes protective items. These protective elements are especially important in courthouses and government buildings that are in constant use.

  • Balustrades are ornamental protective walls on balconies and other structures, that help prevent falls.
  • Chair rails shield walls from being damaged by chairs rubbing against them.
  • Baseboards provide a barrier between walls and floor cleaning machines.
  • Wainscoting protects walls, and it adds extra insulation and noise reduction too.

Custom Finish Carpentry Is Beautiful And Unique

Because it is custom-made for your building or location, finish carpentry is unique to the space it is in and adds as much beauty as function. Built-in Shelves are practical and beautiful as they don’t take up precious floor space but do give you much-needed storage space. Other practical storage features are built-in cupboards, desks, and work or storage counters.

Finish Carpentry Supports Local Craftsmen

Instead of installing impersonal mass-produced elements, you can support your local economy by choosing custom woodwork that is designed and installed by our local craftsmen. Their familiarity with our local environment will be an added bonus as they help you enhance the atmosphere and practicality of your space.

Millwork Adds Personality And Character

What sort of ambiance do you hope to create? Do you want to project an attitude of stability and timelessness? Are you updating to a sleek contemporary atmosphere? Maybe you just need a few new elements to add personality to a stark room so that those you serve feel more comfortable. We can help you bring your vision into reality.

Custom Millwork In Las Vegas

Whether your building needs elegant ornate details or a streamlined modern setting, Las Vegas Pacific Custom Millwork is here to assist you. We can work with your designs or create something entirely new. Call us today to schedule a consultation

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