If you’re looking to add or improve the storage in your Las Vegas home, Pacific Custom Millwork can craft custom closets for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or other areas in need of efficient organizing. Our custom woodworkers can create fashionable, highly functional, and completely customizable storage spaces that work for your unique space.

  • Bedroom Walk-in Closets With Shelves, Displays & Drawers
  • Functional Kitchen Pantries & Wine Rooms
  • Bathroom Storage For Towels, Supplies & Cosmetics
  • Full-Sized Linen, Wiring, Or Utility Closets

Make Better Use Of Your Space

Stock closet sizes and designs are usually pretty generic. They are not constructed for how you personally will use the space or for what you will store there. A personalized organization system of drawers, displays, and shelving helps to keep your items in their best condition while making it easier to find and use them.

Enhanced Organization & Improved Utility

Designs for your bedroom closet will be different from those for your kitchen pantry. Our woodworkers can develop a layout that will be ideal for your particular use and storage needs. Having a dedicated design means it will be easier to find what you’re looking for, put things away, and avoid having damaged or missing items.


If your house has narrow hallways or smaller rooms, you can benefit from having tailor-made closet shelving that makes the most of available square footage. Getting something off the top shelf doesn’t have to be a test of acrobatics. Forgetting about items until they expire or go out of season is an avoidable waste of money.

Let’s design time, money, and space-saving closet solutions for you.

  • Makes It Easier To Find & Replace Things
  • Helps To Avoid Duplicate Purchases
  • Delicate Belongings Are Easier To Care For
  • Best Use Of Area — Especially Smaller Rooms


When you go custom, your closets don’t have to stop at a few shelves and a rack to hang things on and your options aren’t limited to sliding, bi-fold, or traditional doors. You actually have the opportunity to create a dream space for storing and displaying what’s important to you.

A professional chef may want a pantry that fits all the high-end appliances, pots, and pans in a useful and easily accessible way. The fashionista in you may prefer a built-in vanity, sliding shoe shelves, and a central island with a glass top for accessory storage.

Cabinetry, shelving, drawers, racks, and stands can be built right in. Choose your ideal molding, finish, and trim. It’s all about you.


Call us today at Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas to talk about building the perfect custom closets for you. Our reliable, dedicated carpenters can create storage spaces you will love to organize.

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