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Enrich customer experience and employee satisfaction with store fixtures and finishes by Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas, NV. Keep patrons wanting to visit your place of business despite the convenience of online services.

Increase the space you have to display and store products without increasing your actual square footage. Our custom woodworkers can create solutions with your needs, branding, and clientele in mind.


Stop trying to fit your products into somebody else’s displays. When you custom-design wood shelving, drawers, and display cases they actually work for you because they are carefully crafted to your specifications.

Aside from increased space and versatility, wood fixtures automatically switch up the impression you make. You can choose the size, wood type, and wood finish to make the unique statement you or your brand are going for.

  • Jewelry Store
  • Salon or Spa
  • Pharmacy
  • Skin Care & Beauty Shop
  • Grocery & Supermarkets
  •  Department Store
  • Boutiques
  • Specialty Shops
  • Art Galleries


Making sure that your product stands out from the slew of other similar items is every business’ goal. Your merchandise must be attractive and attention-grabbing enough for potential clients to notice. However, it takes more than beautiful packaging for your product to get the right attention.


Your merchandise can be displayed and showcased in various different ways. We can provide exactly the storage solution your business needs, from boutique display cases to stand-alone kiosks, from showcase counters to glass trophy cabinets. All you have to do is ask, and we can make it happen for you.

Custom Retail Fixtures In Las Vegas

Architectural millwork and custom woodworking may be just the finishing touch your Las Vegas business needs. Contact the experienced finish carpenters at Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas to schedule a consultation for unforgettable retail fixtures and finishes. We look forward to bringing your designs to life.

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