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Preserve the look of businesses from days gone by, or restore vintage homes to their original beauty with restoration carpentry for historic homes and building in Las Vegas. At Pacific Custom Millwork, we use careful carpentry techniques to bring the past to life in a way that will endure for many more years to come.

  • Restoring, Replicating, & Preserving Intricate Molding
  • Making Old Structures Sturdier While Preserving Their Appearance
  • Replicating The Colors Of Old Wood Stains & Finishes
  • Removing Layers Of Paint From Fragile Details

Historic Details Require Specialized Skills

One of the most important yet difficult tasks will be replacing or refreshing the ornamental and architectural woodwork in your older building. As you make repairs or attempt to recreate details, you need to do so in a way that will blend in with the original carpentry.

From cabinetry with ornamental flourishes to delicately carved stair rails, historic homes and buildings may have millwork creations in patterns that are no longer commonly available, requiring the attention of skilled woodworkers.

Woodwork Restorations & Additions

Sometimes while refreshing your building, you’ll want to add on to the space while still retaining the vintage feel of the original structure. Our experienced carpenters can help you match the woodwork in these expanded areas to older areas with custom woodwork. Need more storage in the kitchen of a house turned cafe, or a new reception desk in a courtroom turned library? You don’t have to sacrifice history for convenience.

From materials to finish to hardware – our restoration millwork experts can build and install new features that will look like they belong in the space.

Modern Regulations & Vintage Features

One of the issues that carpenters face as they restore older buildings is that construction regulations have changed over the last decades. You will need a professional team to bring your building up-to-date while preserving its character from a previous era. We know our craft and the latest industry standards.

Locally Created Custom Carpentry In Las Vegas

As you consider all your options for restoring your building, contact us at Pacific Custom Millwork. We are proud to produce high-quality millwork and custom carpentry for homes and businesses. Let us bring your building back to life with millwork created right here in Las Vegas.

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