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When you order custom kitchen cabinets, you will need to choose whether you want them to be covered with paint or a stain. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. You will need to consider what works best with your style and your budget.

What Is The Difference Between Paint & Stain?

Both of these options are made of the same three primary ingredients: binder, pigment, and solvent. Paint has a higher amount of binder so that it will stick to the surface of the cabinet. Stain is mostly solvent, with a pigment and just a small amount of binder. This is why paint stays on the surface of the wood while stain soaks into it.

Why Choose A Stain?

  • Shows Off The Natural Color & Texture Of Wood
  • Easy To Retouch Any Issues Later
  • Usually Costs Less Than Paint
  • Blends Well With A Traditional Or Antique Style of Decor
  • Looks Great With Stainless Steel Appliances

Disadvantages Of Stain

Before you choose a stain for your cabinets, you need to be aware of a few disadvantages. First of all, it won’t hide any blemishes or defects in the wood it covers. Secondly, a stain will not give you a good result if your cabinets are made from medium-density fiberboard. Lastly, if you choose a dark stain, it will show every speck of dust.

Why Choose A Paint?

  • Available In Bright Trendy Colors As Well As Timeless Neutrals
  • Many Options For Customized Colors & Textures
  • Great For Covering Blemishes In The Wood
  • A Good Option For Medium-Density Fiberboard
  • Blends Well With Modern Decor
  • A Good Choice With White Appliances

Disadvantages Of Paint

If you want to show off the natural grains of your wood cabinets, paint is going to be the wrong choice for you. It is also usually more expensive than stain. It can be harder to do any later retouching with paint because specific colors may be discontinued.

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