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We all yearn for a little more peace and quiet in our fast-paced modern society. Although we can’t escape to a spa on a daily basis, we can customize our home bathrooms with our own modern spa-style bathroom vanity.

What’s Your Style?

“Spa style” is a broad term. You will want to really ponder what your specific interpretation involves. Spa-style bathroom vanities come in all kinds of varieties.

  • Open & Accessible
  • Storage Galore
  • Dark & Cozy
  • White & Bright
  • Soothing Beach Tones

Open & Accessible Shelving

If your first thought of a spa is big fluffy towels, you will want an open-shelf vanity to show them off. Open shelves are really trendy right now, and they will blend in with many different decor styles.

Customized Storage Galore

One of the most calming elements of spa bathroom cabinets may simply be ample storage to keep shampoo and styling tools out of sight. You could decide to combine doors and drawers with open shelving making your bathroom as unique as you are.

A Dark & Cozy Vibe

The color tones of your bathroom influence the vibe more than anything else does. We all have our preferences, and some people find that dark tones (specifically dark woods) in the vanity and other items lead to a cozy, relaxed feeling. You will want to plan this carefully (perhaps with light-colored walls), but a dark-toned vanity can be a good beginning for your cozy vibe.

A White & Bright Vanity

Many spas feature a white and bright atmosphere, and you can capture that feeling with custom bathroom cabinets. You might consider adding a few elegant gold accents to a shiny white vanity.

Soothing Beach Tones

Beach tones are popular for spa-style rooms because cool colors are soothing and calming. Choose a vanity in soft blue or green or gray, and add soft color tones to your curtains, rugs, and towels.

It’s All About The Details

Personalize your spa-style vanity with the details you need in your daily routine. You might want a makeup station, dual sinks, or a built-in laundry hamper.

Make It Personal With Custom Cabinets

Choose custom-made for your bathroom with customized cabinets. Don’t settle for mass-produced items that don’t quite fit your space or your style. Call Pacific Custom Millwork in Las Vegas, today. Let our experts plan, customize, and install new spa bathroom cabinets in your home.

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